The Crooners have played in the streets and clubs of cities throughout the U.S. and Europe, bringing their unique brand of high-energy American roots music to people from all corners of the globe. 

Originally formed in 2001 by the late Nyles Reed Fitzgerald, Kevin Denton, Chris Merkley and "Hambone" Jennie Grauer, the group got its start playing in the streets of Paris armed with only their instruments and an open guitar case for spare change.  They have since traveled to a dozen different countries, released numerous live and studio albums and also been featured on VH1, MTV and several independent films.

Currently led by Denton, Merkley and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Bryan Eaton, the band is now based in New York City equipped with resonator guitars, mandolin, harmonica, group vocals and homemade percussive platforms.  Mixing high-octane bluegrass with a rock 'n roll sensibility of blues and swing, the result is a contagious energy that spreads through any size crowd and resonates with people of all ages.  

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"One of Brooklyn's finest...a harmonizing roots-rock act with accents of Brit pop and '60s sounds, and tuneful guitars."(New York Post)

"Theirs is a sound that is really, really American, like surf rock born in the Midwest, or like The Beatles after they got big in sounds like that first moment when the smoky blues joint became, through a few quick guitar riffs, the first rock club."  (Richmond Style Weekly)

"The Crooners, a trio of blues street musicians who, banging on a washtub bass and vintage guitars on the sidewalk, played the best set I saw this year. Sometimes, you don’t even have to go into a club to see the best that SXSW has to offer."  (Dallas/Fort Worth Star Telegram)

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